💸 Send payments

Well, that's why you're here after all, isn't it?

Pending payment is our main and first for any method of sending a payment. Sending a pending payment does not create a transaction. The status of the created payment depends on whether the insured is registered in SnapRefund or not: Awaiting-sign-up for the invited and Awaiting-cash-out for the already registered.

If the insured is not registered in SnapRefund, an invitation is created in addition to the payment.

If the insured is already registered in SnapRefund, the payment becomes available for receipt in one of two possible ways: ACH or Paper Check.

A pending payment can be sent as one or many.

Sending payments in large quantities is carried out using a file of the csv format of a certain structure. All payments indicated in it will be created as pending, and if the insured is not registered in SnapRefund, an invitation is created for him.

The ACH method executes a transaction between your default bank and the insured bank selected at the time of accepting the pending payment.

The Paper Check transaction method is possible only for those insurers who have set up this option for their Checking Bank and have passed verification.

Payment statuses:

  • Awaiting-sign-up;
  • Awaiting-cash-out;
  • Cancelled;
  • Lock;
  • Failed;

ACH statuses:

  • Settled;
  • In-transit.

Paper check statuses:

  • Preparing to mail;
  • Mailing Soon;
  • Rejected;
  • Resubmitted: Preparing to mail again;
  • Cancelled;
  • Mailed.