Accept pending payment on insured’s side

To complete a pending payment transaction, the recipient (the insured) must take an action to accept the payment. This can be done both independently through our API, or manually by insureds via the SnapRefund web-app.
The transaction can be carried out in two ways: ACH or Paper Check.

The ACH method executes a transaction between your default bank and the insured bank selected at the time of accepting the pending payment.

The Paper Check transaction method is possible only for those insurers who have set up this option for their Checking Bank and have passed verification.

These methods are available only for insureds that you have registered through the API.

Payment statuses:

  • Awaiting-sign-up;
  • Awaiting-cash-out;
  • Cancelled;
  • Lock;
  • Failed;

ACH statuses:

  • Settled;
  • In-transit.

Paper check statuses:

  • Preparing to mail;
  • Mailing Soon;
  • Rejected;
  • Resubmitted: Preparing to mail again;
  • Cancelled;
  • Mailed.