Get list of insured’s banks


API Refs

URI Parameters

userIdnumberinsure idyes

Response body

idstringThis id is used for all ACH payments.yes
namestringName of the bank.yes
accountTypestringType of bank account. Can be only checking or savings.yes
typestringType of current funding source. It will always be a bank, since we can only have bank-type funding sources.yes
statusstringBank status. For clients created with the API it will always be undefined as we don't use PLAID to validate as we do in the application.yes


  1. Get list of insured’s banks Request with userId = 1;
  2. Get list of insured’s banks Response:
        "id": "11a111a1-1111-1111-11a1-11a1a1aa11aa",
        "name": "Bank_995",
        "accountType": "checking",
        "type": "bank",
        "status": "unverified"



All insured banks will always be unverified.

A verified bank can only be added from Plaid in the web app.