Send pending payment


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Request body

filebinaryThe payment attachment. You can download it in the transaction history in the web
recipientEmailstringInsured email.
If insured does not exist, create an invite
amountnumberThe amount of money being transferred. Amounts should have either 0 or 2 decimal places. Max limit is based on most current agreements with SnapRefund. Minimum limit is $0.01.yes
memostringA string with a maximum length of 280

Response headers

locationstringId of created payment


  1. Send pending payment Request:
      "recipientEmail": "[email protected]",
      "amount": 12.34,
      "memo": "Test memo"
  2. Send pending payment Response headers:
    "location": 1
  3. Get self payment by Id Request with paymentId = 1;
  4. Get self payment by Id Response:
      "id": 1,
      "transactionId": "a444aa44-aaa4-4a4a-aaaa-a44a44444a44",
      "amount": 12.34,
      "createdAt": "2023-08-09T15:42:26.683Z",
      "customerId": 1,
      "customerName": "John Smith",
      "merchantName": "Jake Merchant",
      "fee": "0.00",
      "feeDeductFrom": null,
      "status": "Awaiting-cash-out",
      "type": "--",
      "memo": "Test memo"


With this endpoint, you can send a single pending payment.

To send such a payment, you must specify the email of the insured and the amount of the payment.

Also, if you need to enter additional information with the payment, you can send it in the memo field. It is not mandatory, but if completed, will be sent in a pending payment email.