Manage payments

You can at any time receive information about payments and transactions of your insured user created through the API.
Also, if you need to get information about your payments, you can return them in a list or by a specific Id. The information about the payment contains the Id of the insured person. If it was registered by you, this Id can be used in other endpoints of our API in userId param.
If you accidentally sent a pending payment to the wrong email, or the payment is no longer needed, you can cancel it.
If you need to cancel a payment for an indefinite period of time and then resume a pending payment, then the canceled payment can be repeated and it will become active again.

Payment statuses:

  • Awaiting-sign-up;
  • Awaiting-cash-out;
  • Cancelled;
  • Lock;
  • Failed;

ACH statuses:

  • Settled;
  • In-transit.

Paper check statuses:

  • Preparing to mail;
  • Mailing Soon;
  • Rejected;
  • Resubmitted: Preparing to mail again;
  • Cancelled;
  • Mailed.